Healing Hands III (妙手仁心 III)

Title: Healing Hands III (妙手仁心 III)

Production Year: 2005 TVB

Length: 40 episodes


* Dr. Paul Cheng Zhi Mei – Lawrence Wu Qi Hua (Ng Kai Wah)

* Dr. Henry Li Guo Zu – Bowie Lin Bao Yu (Lam Bo Yee)

* Dr. Anson Wan – Maggie Tsui

* Dr. Chris – Raymond Cho

* Dr. M.C. Lin Ming Zhi – Moses Chen Hao (Chan Ho)

* Dr. Frances Ng – Gigi Lai

* Dr. Sarah – Melissa Ng

Synopsis (Contain SPOILERS):

The sequel of Healing Hands I & II set a year after the devastating SARS in Asia. New medical cases and new personnel inside Ren Ai hospital created story needed for Healing Hands III. First episode opened up with characters explaining briefly what happened during SARS in the hospital. Paul is now up the rank in the hospital as senior consultant of neurosurgeon department. He was in-charge of the hospital during the SARS attack.

Also, in first episode, Dr. Tracy Ho was found death in her house what appeared to be a suicide. This is where Frances, a forensic examiner, step in to be in charge of the autopsy. Tracy’s death would later be ruled as accident. However, the root of the accident was because Tracy can’t get over her relationship with Paul (They broke up sometimes during SARS and in all the confusion of SARS, Tracy lost their baby). For the rest of the serial, it will partly focus on Frances budding relationship with Paul and how Frances helped Paul through his depression’s period.

As for Henry, he is still as flamboyant as he ever been. Start of a wrong foot with Sarah (the resident Orthopedic), they eventually discovers each other’s positive points and decided to get together. In between Paul and Henry, there are Chris and Anson (who eventually get married) and M.C. who has to deal with the aftermath of SARS.

When Anson get pregnant, she discovered that the baby has Down Syndromes. Decision has to be made and that created a drift between her and Chris. The situation was made worse when Chris allegedly had an affair with one of the nurses. The ups and downs of this couple were the highlight points in several episodes.

M.C., still as arrogant and self centered as he was, failed in his private clinic and has to return to Ren Ai Hospital. While he survived SARS, the aftermath proved to be more severe than he thought. If he wanted to live a normal life, he would need hip replacement. However, as stubborn and proud as he was, he refused to do so. The death of his mother and his young son’s resentment toward him caused him to change his mind about te surgery. It was ironic that his mother died of heart problem while he is the head of cardiology department.  His young son also gradually changed his self-centered attitude.

The interesting part of Healing Hands III has to be Paul’s emotional breakdown. Tracy’s death brought him more damage then he cared to admit. During SARS, he was put under enormous pressure to be in charge of a hospital. During that time, he also had to deal with Jackie’s father’s death (lost a battle with SARS), and the loss of unborn child (his and Tracy’s). Paul suddenly lost all his confidence and the last straw was when he failed to save his friend’s son in the surgery. He attempted suicide more than once until Frances pulled him up.


In all honesty, it took me quite a while before I decided to watch this sequel. I was looking forward for Healing Hands II because of Paul/Jackie storyline but I have nothing to look forward to in Healing Hands III. So, when the reviews are popping all over the internet, I noticed a lot of negatives and fewer positives. Then, I am curios enough to give Healing Hands III a go. When I finished with it… Let me just put it this way, the one and only factor that allow me to finish the entire 40 episodes is Paul and Henry’s storyline.

I found Paul storyline quite realistic. I’ll be surprise if the poor guy is not having a mental breakdown sooner or later. From Healing Hands I to Healing Hands II, we only see Paul as this tough, bright and well-respected neurosurgeon that can control his emotions to himself very well. In Healing Hands III, you can understand that human can only take that much of pressure in life until they break down. Almost everyone that he ever loved is dead (Jackie, her father, Tracy and their child, even his adopted horse). As Henry said in one episode, “He only looked tough on the outside. He bottles everything to himself”. As in real life, sometimes the toughest person in the crowd is actually the weakest.


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