Healing Hands II (妙手仁心 II)

Title: Healing Hands II (妙手仁心 II)

Production Year: 2000 TVB

Length: 40 episodes

Note: Most of the names will be in Mandarin as I have limited Cantonese knowledge.

Original Character(s) from HHI:

* Dr. Paul Cheng Zhi Mei – Lawrence Wu Qi Hua (Ng Kai Wah)

* Dr. Henry Li Guo Zu – Bowie Lin Bao Yu (Lam Bo Yee)

* Dr. Jackie Tang Zhi Li – Ada Cai Shao Fen (Choi Siu Fun)

* Annie Jiang Xin Yue – Flora Chen Hui San (Chan Wai San)

Additional Character(s):

* Dr. Anson Wan – Maggie Tsui

* Dr. Chris – Raymond Cho

* Dr. M.C. Lin Ming Zhi – Moses Chen Hao (Chan Ho)

* Dr. Tracy He – Yoyo Mung

Synopsis (contain spoilers):

A continuance of Healing Hands I (HHI), focus more on relationships rather than just medical technical. On the last episode of HHI, Jackie was still in coma and Paul put all his concentration on her. Two years has passed and we are at Healing Hand II (HH2). Paul is now the top neurosurgeon in the country who hadn’t taken any leaves in the past two years. Jackie is still in coma and Paul moves out of his house – which he once shared with Henry and Gilbert – into hospital’s quarters. His reason is because the quarters are inside hospital campus and makes it easier for him to take care of Jackie. Hospital staffs that know and/or hear about the pair admire his devotions toward the sick girlfriend. Jackie did finally wake up but -unfortunately – died soon after in fire accident.

Henry, still the head of ER, is now officially a couple with Annie. Their relationship is put to test when Henry had a one night affair with his colleague, Dorothy. Henry and Paul remains the best of friend but their friendship is also put to test when Henry realized that Annie once had a one night stand with Paul (back in HHI). The problem also fueled when Henry realized that Annie only sent postcards to Paul whenever she is out of town.

The rest of story focus on new characters and their development with highlight points on Paul and his new relationship with Tracy He.

Characters analysis: ( I only cover the new characters for HH2. Please refer back to my review on “Healing Hands I” for original casts’ analysis).

* Dr. Chris:

ER (Emergency Room) resident doctor and Henry’s new subordinate. I think you can see him as Joe’s replacement. His happy go lucky attitude seems to attract the nurses but bring much annoyance to Anson, an OBGYN, whom later become his love interest.

* Dr. Dorothy

ER’s resident doctor and Henry’s new subordinate. She is the replacement for the comatose Jackie. Earlier on the series, Henry pretty much openly showed his displeased in front of her and kept comparing her to Jackie – much to her annoyance.

* Dr. Tracy Ho:

She is the youngest child and the only daughter of a billionaire. You can pretty much see how much she was spoiled! She started to admire Paul after witnessing his devotion for Jackie (during and after the comatose). Early in the story, she was dating M.C but the couple broke up later on.

* Dr. M.C. Lim Ming Zhi

The new head of cardiology department is seen as an arrogant and self centered person. He has a young son, Joe, from previous relationship but he hardly will talk about him. He dated Tracy for her father’s connection and wealth.

What happened to rest of original cast from Healing Hands I?

Brief explanation was given over the course of 40 episodes:

– Zhang Sir got married and migrated to Canada.

– Gilbert died after complications of HIV (he contracted HIV by accident from his patient in HHI).

– Joe and Helen got married and joined “Doctor Without Borders”. (Joe did return as Henry’s replacement in the last 5 episode during Henry’s brief stint in entertainment industry.)

Highlight points:

* Paul and Jackie

After that end scene in Healing Hands I, fans of HH1 were anxious to find out if Paul and Jackie would have a “happily ever after” ending. Alas, we saw that Jackie was awake in HH2 (about 4 episodes into HH2). She had a few episodes of happy moments with Paul, only to have the scriptwriter “killed” her in fire accident… Boy, I was in for a big surprise! Anyhow… those precious short moments of Paul and Jackie were wonderful. They were back to the spot where they used to see sunrise and Paul’s devotion to Jackie was so sweet that it made Jackie quite literally speechless. It was sad that this couple didn’t get their happy ending.

* Henry and Annie

The bickering partner in HH1 is the present day lovers. Henry seems has mellow down from his ‘playboy’ streak in HH1 and his relationship with Annie is on the safe side. That is until Henry’s colleague, Dorothy, comes in the picture and creates a triangle relationship. A one night stand with Dorothy destroyed what left in Henry/Annie already fragile relationship. Annie decided to leave Henry and Hongkong all together. It is quite interesting to see Henry got so upset about Paul/Annie when he is doing the same thing with Dorothy. Actually he was even worse since he made the mistake while he was dating Annie. Paul and Annie were both still single back then.

* Paul and Henry

The best friends in HH1 continue to HH2. The friendship is put to the test when Henry found out that Paul had a one night stand with Annie (way back in HH1 before Annie get together with Henry and before Paul with Jackie). Henry get even more upset when he find out that Annie always send postcards to Paul whenever she is out of the country, but none to him. He accused Paul of betrayal at the heat of moment and declared that they are no longer best friends.

* Paul and Tracy

Paul’s devotion to Jackie earned him admiration from Tracy. After Jackie’s death, she realizes that she is carrying a torch for Paul. After her breakup with MC, she was very stress put and it was Paul who pulled her up. Later on, the two become a couple. However between his works and Tracy’s illness (she inherited epilepsy gene from her mother), there is not enough room for romance. She accused him of putting his patients above her and he felt that she is not as understand as Jackie was.

* Chris and Anson

One is the goofy ER doctor, the other one is cool-borderline-cold gynecologist. I don’t really enjoy their pairing. Chris’ character is close to what we have in Joe back in HH1. Funny and goofy but can also be serious in work. I think he tried to give you the ‘big-child in robe’ impression but I just don’t feel it in him as I did in Joe. He is a just goofy guy period. Anson was way too cool for a doctor that I was ready to label her ‘cold’. That’s until the scene where she cried in baby ward when I realize “she is really not THAT cold” after all.

Overall view:

Honestly, a bit disappointed with Paul/Jackie storyline as their storyline was beautifully developed in HH1. I certainly missed Zhang Sir and Joe, they were the goofy guys who put humors in HH1. I think Chris was put to fill the void but it just seems pale in comparison (or is it because I am a bit biased? 😛 )


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