Healing Hands I (妙手仁心 I)

Production Year: 1999 TVB

Length: 20 episodes (HK version)

Note: Most of the names will be in Mandarin as I have a limited Cantonese knowledge.


* Dr. Paul Cheng Zhi Mei – Lawrence Wu Qi Hua (Ng Kai Wah)

* Dr. Henry Li Guo Zu – Bowie Lin Bao Yu (Lam Bo Yee)

* Dr. Jackie Tang Zhi Li – Ada Cai Shao Fen (Choi Siu Fun)

* Annie Jiang Xin Yue – Flora Chan Hui San

* Dr. Gilbert Jiang Man Yue – William Su Yong Kang (So Wing Hong)

* Dr. Joe Zhang Jia Yu – Steven Ma Jun Wei

* Zhang Chuang Ye/ Zhang Sir – Zhang Jia Hui (Cheung Ka Fai)

* Helen – Astrid Chan


Set in fictional Hongkong “Ren Ai Hospital”,  the drama focuses on the life of doctors, nurses and their interaction with patients and their families. Neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Cheng  is a exceptional doctor in his field. His best friends are Dr. Henry Lai, head of Accident and Emergency Department (A& E)  and Dr. Gilbert Jiang, a general surgeon. Story evolved around the three of them, from their professional lives to love lives to their friendships with other characters. The characters’ laughters, friendly fights and humors are put to test when in place are sadness, desperation and death.

Characters analysis:

* Dr. Paul Cheng Zhi Mei:

Paul is an exceptional doctor and friend but – as Gilbert always said – a moron in relationship. He can control his emotion very well and won’t sweat a bit over tough cases, but when it came to relationship, he is totally clueless. He did try hard to save his fail marriage, but eventually divorced his wife ( she was having an affair with other man). A close friend to Henry and Gilbert, he is always a good listener to their problems and vice versa. Start off a wrong foot with Jackie (mainly because Jackie misunderstood him), they eventually develop their relationship into best friends and couple.

On Lawrence Ng: I hardly watched TVB series and this one came strongly recommended from a friend.  Anyway, this is not my first serial with Lawrence as lead, but before he was always the bad guy (sort of annoyed the heck out me).  Albeit, he is still as handsome as before and I prefer him in glasses.  Lawrence capture audiences’ attention with this friendly -sometimes stubborn – neurosurgeon character. He handles the emotion scenes very well and most of time I can feel the dilemma that he is facing (ie. to operate and heal the person that kill your friend required a high emotion control or when the patient on the operating table is person that you love the most). His chemistry with Ada Choi is wonderful (the last time I saw their join performance is in File of  Justice V). I am not surprise that they won favorite on-screen couple in 1999 and his character “Paul” is one of five most memorable character.

* Dr. Henry Li Guo Zu

Head of A&E is a great doctor in his field and famous for flirtatious nature. Outspoken and the mischief Henry often “bully” Gilbert  and insist on calling him “A-Gil”, a close Cantonese pronunciation to a girl’s name. Behind that flirtatious nature, however, is the man who is still haunted by the dead of his former girlfriend. His girlfriend committed suicide 10 years prior and the sight of her dying while he couldn’t do anything to help, troubled him to this day. The guilt eventually bring out his commitment phobia nature. At the end, his friends are able to help him to put the matter to rest and accept  Annie.

On Bowie Lam: A wonderful actor!  No matter what the characters are, he will always bring out the best of them.

* Dr. Jackie Tang Zhi Li

She fit a discription of nosy doctor to a “T”. For the first 8-10 episodes, she really try to handle just about anything. Quite annoying really.  She start off a wrong foot with Paul, mainly because Paul’s ex-wife is her friend. She always drew conclusion about their failed marriage and insisted that Paul is the wrong party. After all the misunderstandings were clear, she started to admire Paul for  his personality and find herself hopelessly in love with Paul. However, she got hesitate to let Paul know after she found a tumor in her brain.

On Ada Choi: This is my second series with her on it, so can’t really comment much about her performance. I think she did a great job to bring out the annoyed-yet-lovable Jackie. The second half of Jackie changed quite a bit mainly because of her illness, Ada brought out that transition very well. As I mentioned before, her chemistry with Lawrence Ng are just plain wonderful!

* Dr. Joe Zhang Jia Yu

Take off his lab coat and he is the big child among all the doctors! Funny, outgoing,  and sometimes chatter-box doctor brought a lot of comedy into the scene, especially if you put him and his best friend, Zhang Sir,  together…

On Steven Ma:

I don’t really remember anymore, but I think I saw him once in period drama and File of Justice (FOJ) V. He was also a doctor in FOJ V, but that doctor is the serious type and this one is vice versa. So I can’t really comment a lot about him, except he is a fit for Joe’s character.

* Annie Jiang Xin Yue

The lawyer among a bunch of doctors. She is Gilbert’s sister, Jackie’s best friend and flatmate. She is also Henry’s “enemy”, in the sense that they always bickered when put together in the same room. She becomes Henry’s love interest at the end of series.

On Flora Chan:

I watched her before with Bowie Lam in “Untraceable Evidence I&II” and I certainly loves their chemistry. However, she seems also played as a strong-headed career woman, esp. as lawyer.


I certainly loves this series, wonderful storyline plus a group of wonderful casts.I brought the VCDs just a while back and find myself re-watching the drama over and over again. The interactions between the guys (Paul, Henry and Gilbert / Joe and Zhang Sir) always make me laugh. Gilbert and Zhang Sir will always be the “victims” of laughter (make me want to go back and watch again) 😛 .

Side note: That’s about  I can write about Healing Hands I right now, call it writer block if you must. I will certainly add more stuffs in the near future.

5 thoughts on “Healing Hands I (妙手仁心 I)

  1. I’m watching this series right now because of Ada, so thanks for the review even though it may be a while ago!

    I really love the coupling of Lawrence and Ada after the series Fate Twister. I would recommend it if you haven’t watched it yet =]. Ada and Lawrence looks really sweet in it. I also agree with you that I was getting annoyed of all the evil character parts that Lawrence usually have on his earlier series.

    Also, Bowie is a really great actor. =]

    • Thanks for stopping by, Judy! “Fate Twister” is actually going to be my next TVB review 🙂 Do stop by in near future if you have a chance.. 😀

  2. Thanks for the fast reply!

    I sure will come by again to see how you like Fate Twister because it is one of my favorite series. it’s just great seeing Ada and Lawrence in it =]

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