Detective Investigation Files I (刑事侦缉档案 I)

Production Year/Company: 1995 TVB

Length: 20 Episodes

Cast (character name will be in Mandarin):

– Michael Tao Dai Yu  as Zhang Dayong

– Kenix Kwok Ho Ying as Gao Jie

– Joey Leung Wing Chung as Li Zhongyi

– Louisa So as Gigi

Brief Summary:

Storyline followed Dayong and his newly graduate partner, Zhongyi, in solving criminal cases. Along the line, of course, there are more supporting characters, but the story mainly focused on Dayong, Zhongyi, Gao Jie and their relationships.

Dayong is a veteran in criminal cases, he had a chance for promotion but a reporter once betrayed him by putting his case into magazine, and he got in to trouble with superiors. He lost his chance for promotion and developed a wary attitude towards reporters. Thus, he was particularly on his guard when Gao Jie, a female reporter, developed interest in criminal cases and like to follow him around.

Gao Jie’s childhood dream was become a female police officer like her father, but after he was killed on duty, Gao Jie’s mother prevent her to become a police. Gao Jie, then, become a reporter and particularly interested in criminal cases, much to her mother’s dismay.

Zhongyi is a newly graduate from police academy and get assigned to Dayong’s unit as his partner. A naive and physically weak police detective (just because he is the only son in his family, so his parents are overly protective of him). Despite that, Zhongyi is a very smart when it come to analyze cases. He looked up to Dayong much like a mentor and an idol. Zhongyi developed a feeling for Gigi, Dayong’s childhood friend, and also readily showered Hengheng (Gigi’s son from previous \ relationship) with attention.

For the next 20 episodes, Dayong’s initially wariness toward Gao Jie transform into admiration and eventually secretly in love with her. Dayong was afraid to tell Gao Jie because she has a boyfriend.  When Gao Jie’s boyfriend had an affair with his colleague, Gao Jie initiated the break-up. She decided to stop writing about criminal cases at that point to avoid seeing her now ex-boyfriend (he is a coroner) and started to take up interviews jobs.  During one of her interview, she encountered Zhang Baichuan, a jewelry tycoon, and he turn out to be Dayong’s father. Dayong’s is his illegitimate son. Although it really wasn’t Baichuan’s fault, Dayong harbor a hatred feeling toward his father for leaving him and his mother in Hongkong. Through Gao Jie, Zhongyi and a nearly-missed assignment to protect his father, Dayong slowly accepted his father.

Gao Jie also slowly returned Dayong’s affection and the series end with Zhongyi getting married with Gigi.

My comments:

The very first time I watched this series was back in maybe 1999, but never completed the series. Move forward to 2008, I finally finished all of them (DIF 1-3). Whee!

Anyhow, I love this classic TVB! A great storyline with cases that would leave you guessing until the very last minute. Not to forget its excellent cast. I can easily see why Michael Tao’s popularity shoot to stardom after this series. He was excellent in portrayed Dayong’s character to a “T”: mischievous (esp. With Zhongyi), caring (w/ his godson, Hanghang) and stubbornness (w/ equally stubborn Gao Jie). Michael Tao nailed the character to a fit. He certainly lives up his reputation as “housewives killer”, even to this day.

I love Kenix Kwok character as independent and stubborn female reporter. You will think that female would show some restriction toward dangers, but not Gao Jie. I like Kenix’s portrayal of Gao Jie and you can see the change of Gao Jie’s character in the two sequels that followed, especially in DIF3 (details at a later date). Kenix shared a wonderful chemistry with Michael. They made the couple looked so believable.

I never watched Joey Leung and Louisa So’s performance before this series, so can’t really comment a lot about them except that they did a great job bringing out the comedy side of this otherwise serious storyline.The first few episodes, Zhongyi was this almost timid-I-am-not-sure-what-should-I-do who always look up to Dayong for guidance. Later on in the series, Zhongyi started to feel comfortable with the routine, and you can feel that he is a smart guy that only need a push ever now and then. I think Joey really bring out that factor of Zhongyi.

Overall: Like I said before, I love this series! I am so glad that I can finally finish watching it in full. I haven’t watch the 4th one, but I highly doubt that I will anyway. Call me bias but after 3 DIFs, I get “charmed” by Michael Tao and Kenix Kwok to consider another couple for DIF. *grin*


One thought on “Detective Investigation Files I (刑事侦缉档案 I)

  1. Wheeee…I see you that put your first review up! Thx, gal. I’ve been waiting for this one. 😛 Love Michael Tao and Kenix Kwok in this series. Bff..:x Alice

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