TVB Series Review

Over time, I will try to put reviews/comments about TVB series that I watched and/or currently watching. Hopefully, I can do it in timely manner.

Just a word of caution: ALL the reviews that I write or will write will most probably contain spoilers. I know some of them are old serials, but not all of you watched what I already watched – I know some of my friend haven’t. Another thing is I write the review because of my particular interests in drama, especially Mediacorp (Singapore) and TVB (HK). Most of them are the series that I recently watch and some of them are based on my memories. Basic line: it is not perfect.

Obviously, I can’t tell readers what drama to like and not to like (or even hate), so whatever I put in my reviews is purely my opinion. So, I certainly welcome any suggestions, info, or even opinions on any particular series. Just don’t throw me hate mails…:D

For my friends – you know who you are – as promised, I finally put the first one up.

Upcoming reviews will be:

– Detective Investigation Files 2 & 3

– Healing Hands 1-3


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