Hi all,

As you noticed, it’s been a while since I last reviewed any drama. No, it’s not because I lost interest in review and no, it’s not because I lost interest in Ch. 8 Drama.

In case some of you are unaware, XinMSN (formerly MobTV) has blocked all drama access for overseas account and they did it without warning (which frustrated me to no end!). I tried to get a response from XinMSN management one way or another and so far, I don’t have any luck. Obviously, I can’t review if I don’t get the chance to watch. So frustrating! especially when you grew up with Ch. 8 serials and so happen you need to move to other country for school/work!!!

Ok, enough of my whining! 🙂
So, will I keep this page? Absolutely! However, I doubt I’ll do any new review on new drama (unless I managed to watch it somehow and somewhere).

I am pulling out my old notes and will upload old drama reviews. If there’s particular drama that you like to get review (or summarize), let me know and if I have it, I’ll make it priority for uploading….

Thank you all for the e-mails and notes!!!! Each and every one of them is very important for me.


A note from me…


Thank you for all the comments and suggestions. I know I have sort of “abandon” this blog 🙂  New job and new environment  had keep me busy for way. It is now all finally settle! So, I’ll back to catch up with all the reviews…

Thank you again for dropping by and left a message (either in the comments’ box or private e-mails).

Look forward to the reviews soon!

Reviews…reviews…and more reviews…

Hmm…Finally find time to start on my drama reviews. The fact that my friends will definitely be cheering on. LOL

So, here is the first page, and it happen to be one of TVB classic “Detective Investigation Files” that I recently re-watch.

Just a word of caution: ALL the reviews that I write or will write will most probably contain spoilers. I know some of them are old serials, but not all of you watched what I already watched – I know some of my friend haven’t. Another thing is I write the review because of my particular interests in drama, especially Mediacorp (Singapore) and TVB (HK). Most of them are the series that I recently watch and some of them are based on my memories. Basic line: it is not perfect.

Obviously, I can’t tell readers what drama to like and not to like (or even hate), so whatever I put in my reviews is purely my opinion. So, I certainly welcome any suggestions, info, or even opinions on any particular series. Just don’t throw me hate mails…:D