The Ultimatum (双子星) – Comments After 15 episodes

I’m so sorry everyone. I promised some reviews last week but I just can’t squeeze time to do it..

Seeing that the serial will end in 15 days, I decided  to just write a full review then.. Meanwhile, here’s some of my comments for the 1st half (if any of you interested in it =D )

* What?

The Ultimatum (双子星) – Mediacorp’s midyear blockbuster.

* Who?

Most of the big names @ Mediacorp Studios that you can think of. Li Nanxing (李南星), Zoe Tay (郑惠玉), Fann Wong (方文芳), Tay Ping Hui (郑斌辉), Terence Cao (曹国辉), and the list continue on… I’ll put up their characters as I go on with the structural reviews.

* When?

Start in 1974 and span through 2009.

* What is the main plot?

Interesting enough, I found the first three episodes quite dry, despite of all the big names. I suppose it’s necessary to set up the plot. Zhang Wenyu (Hong Huifang) worked for Ye Songnian (Chen Shucheng) as his secretary. A drunken Ye Songnian made a mistake of raping Wenyu even knowing she’s already pregnant with her husband’s child.

1974, both Wenyu and Songnian’s 2nd wife, Suzhen (Lin Meijiao) gave birth to daughters. Nurse’s carelessness and a twist of fate gave a classic storyline of “swap at birth” for “The Ultimatum”. After being raped by Songnian and the death of her father, Wenyu suffered from depression. When she realized that the nurse gave her the wrong baby (she recognize the birthmark at baby’s foot sole), she wanted to confront the nurse. It was then she saw that Songnian holding the baby. The bad memories came at her at full force and on the top of it, with her baby suffered from heart disease, Wenyu made of her mind to let the mistake continue.

Obviously, the main focus of the 30 episodes drama will be the life of the 2 daughters. The side focus is of course is the romance between the leads. So far in 15 episodes, we already see the budding romance between Songqiao – Sun Jie – Chaoqun; Yuchen – Zhang Feng (or is it A-da); Songqing – Sun Min….and that only half way through the serial.

* Worth watching?

With all those big names in Mediacorp, I’ll say definitely! Here’s some other reasons worth mentioning:

– The “Unbeatables” duo of Li Nanxing and Zoe Tay pairs up once again. The chemistry is still sparking at high rate.

– It has been 14 years since “The Golden Pillow” that Zoe Tay and Fann Wong graced the screen together in same drama (“The Hotel” didn’t count =P)

– A ‘comeback’ for Li Nanxing after his last drama “The Golden Path” almost 2 years ago.

– Tay Ping Hui, Li Nanxing, Zoe Tay, Fann Wong are all the main leads. What is the chance of that?!

Full reviews to follow after the series end in 15 days… =D


The Ultimatum (双子星)

Wee.. It has been a whole month since my last updates. Sorry, everyone! Found a new job and need time to adjust to new routine 🙂 Enough of personal stuff…….. and on to new Mediacorp mid-year blockbuster!

I’ve been waiting for “The Ultimatum” ever since Mediacorp announced its making. To have my favorite actor, Li Nanxing, as one of main casts, is the icing on the cake.  I’ll  try to add  up-to-episode review by this weekend. Technically, it will be up to episode 8 by end of the week. I actually already watch until ep. 11 (courtesy of MobTV Sneak Preview) but I will not spoilt the storyline to anybody. To be safe side, I will only review until ep. 8

Do look forward to it, everyone!

Singapore SBC/TCS/MediaCorp Reviews

It is already the 3rd day of 2009. How is everyone New Year Celebration? Pass that we will all be getting ready for the first Monday in 2009…. Hopefully things will go much smoother in the new year!

That aside, I really need to find more time to update my blog. Now that I finally graduate from my Masters degree (YAY!!), I hope  I can find more time to do so.

Since I am not currently watching any TVB serials, my reviews’ section will switch gear to Singapore drama reviews. For those who familiar with S’pore serial will understand why my post titled “SBC/TCS/Mediacorp”. For those who don’t, the short explanation is Singapore broadcasting company had change its name 3 times. Prior to 1994, it was SBC (Singapore Broadcasting Center). 1994 – 2001, it was TCS (Television Corporation of Singapore) and from 2001 to present day is MediaCorp. Thus, my reviews will span between these three era.

Generally speaking, my “root” of drama started with SBC’s production of “Good Morning, Sir!”, starring Chen Li Ping and Li Nanxing, back in late 80’s.From then on, S’pore productions had always been 1st priority compared to TVB or any other countries’ production. Even to this day, any MediaCorp productions will has my 1st attention before I move on to another drama, especially if the casts included my favorite actors and/or veteran actors/actress of the 90’s.

When it comes to reviews though, it is natural that I have more drama serials’ collections which I can write about. So for the next half of 2009, I will most probably write more MediaCorp’s reviews than TVB’s reviews. As on which S’pore reviews will I write, I really don’t have schedule planned. Alice had ask me for 1994’s “The Magnate” (casts: Li Nanxing, Ivy Lee, Chan Hanwei, and Cassandra See)…. Alice, I will try my best. 🙂