The Ultimatum (双子星)

Wee.. It has been a whole month since my last updates. Sorry, everyone! Found a new job and need time to adjust to new routine 🙂 Enough of personal stuff…….. and on to new Mediacorp mid-year blockbuster!

I’ve been waiting for “The Ultimatum” ever since Mediacorp announced its making. To have my favorite actor, Li Nanxing, as one of main casts, is the icing on the cake.  I’ll  try to add  up-to-episode review by this weekend. Technically, it will be up to episode 8 by end of the week. I actually already watch until ep. 11 (courtesy of MobTV Sneak Preview) but I will not spoilt the storyline to anybody. To be safe side, I will only review until ep. 8

Do look forward to it, everyone!