Square Pegs (戆夫成龙)

I wrote the review half way back in ’08. Finally able to finish it… So, here it is! Let me know if you have any comments.

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TVB 2009: The Grand Entrepreneur 金錢誘罪

The “rumored” grand production for 2009 finally appeared at “TVB 2009 Sales Presentation” last week.. I am very exciting about this piece. The 40 episodes will features a lot of TVB’s veterans, such as Ray Lui, Gallen Lo, Nancy Sit and many more. The most exciting news for me is of course  one of its leading man, Gallen Lo. 🙂 This production will be his second piece after his return to TVB (after “When A Dog Love A Cat”). The costumes fitting is schedule on November 24th, 2008. I am certainly looking forward to more pictures and articles about this production.

Meanwhile, please refers to Gallen Harbour (by Mimosa) for first look pictures or Sehseh’s Blog (by Sehseh) for synopsis.

Review for Healing Hands III

*Updated 11.19.2008 : The review is now upload under “TVB Review”.

Finally finished the review…. Whe! It was hard to write! Not because that I can’t capture the storyline. It is because for every sentence I wrote,  I compared it back to its predecessors (HH1 & HH2). Now, I am a HUGE fans of HH1 since I like the medical storyline in general and of course, the casts brought much entertainment to the screen. When HH1 came to the last episode, I was hoping that TVB would produce HH2. It was just too many questions left unanswered. Alas, I got my wish (I’m sure it was also the wish of all HH1’s fans) and HH2 came part surprise and part disappointment.  But bottom line, it was still okay to watch (even after they killed of Ada Choi’s Jackie). Then I thought HH2 will be the end of “Healing Hands”. I guessed I was wrong.

I saw HH3’s sales presentation somewhere on the internet (I forgot where but I ever find it again, I’ll post the link). Anyhow, at that point I already somewhat lost interest at “Healing Hands” in general as I know the casts would be totally different. I visited several reviews pages on HH3 and there were a lot of mix results. But most of them shared common point: the rating is below 6 (on the scale of 10). I was curious enough to rent HH3 and I have to tell you after I finished it, I had to agree with the common rating.  I found myself forwarding the tapes as I went and only stopped when it was Paul or Henry or MC’s storyline.

Yet, for the sake of completeness (I already wrote one on both HH1 & HH2), I decided to go ahead with HH3’s review. It is finally done and I am going to post it sometimes tonight (left my flash drive at the office. duh!)

Please be advice that I don’t have high rating for this series so my advance apologizes if the review turns out to be too bias for some of the readers. If you think I should add more info in there, please feel free to let me know. You know where to find me  🙂 .

“Golden Faith” Review

Recently re-watched “Golden Faith”, thus the review is up. A slight change of plan from my other TVB reviews 🙂

So, Alice and gangs, off you go with “Golden Faith” review 🙂 . Again, it is not perfect and purely my opinions. So, if any of you have comments or opinions, please feel free to send me  a message..

What TVB serials am I currently watching?

I don’t really know what to update on this blog 🙂 So, per Alice :P, I am putting in my current list of TVB serials.

BTW, the review of Healing Hands I is up now. Next one should be HH2.

So, what the heck am I watching now? Let see….

1. Re-watching “At The Threshold of An Era (创世纪) I&II”. Most TVB fans should be familiar with this serial with Gallen Lo, Roger Kwok, Sunny Chan, Kenix Kwok, Ada Choi, Flora Chan, etc…. Love the brotherly chemistry of Gallen/Roger and its dynamic storyline, admitted a very long one. Should be finish re-watching by next week. 🙂

2. Just finished “When A Dog Loves A Cat (当狗爱上猫)”. A light/heavy 20 episodes drama/comedy involving dogs and cats. “Light” in the sense of comedy but “heavy” in the sense of heavily promoted to include Gallen Lo. He is back! Yeah!

3. Also just finished re-watching “Golden Faith (流金岁月)”. Love Gallen Lo/Jessica Hsuan on-screen chemistry. Actually when I watched it last time, it wasn’t a full 45 episodes, just a bit of pieces here and there. Btw, in case you haven’t realise yet, I am one of many big fans of Gallen Lo 😀 Anyway, it is quite interesting to see Gallen Lo/Myolie Wu in “Golden Faith” and “When A Dog Loves A Cat” at the same time, 2 very different feelings.

So, Alice, that’s just about it on my TVB list! The next one I am really looking forward to will be CCTV production “Smoke Signal” with Gallen Lo and Flora Chan. Anyone who know when it will be aired, please let me know 🙂

Quick Update…

It have been a busy month for me. Relatives coming in for visit and a bunch of cousins to keep me occupied. BTW, Alice is back from Singapore. Thanks for the chocolates, girl! Love them. 😀

Don’t really have time to write a review these days but I planning to write one sometime today or tomorrow maybe…..

Despite of all the chaos, I still managed to sneak an hour a day to watch TVB serial, “When a dog loves a cat” (当狗爱上猫). The heavily promoted serial that marked the return of Gallen Lo (罗嘉良) to TVB after years of absent. I have to say Gallen Lo  is still as charming as ever. The last  I saw his serial was “Golden Faith”.  Rumors have it that he will return to TVB for year-end production. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it is true! For now, I am looking forward to his mainland production “Smoke Signal (pre. Wolf Scent) 狼烟 He certainly looks very dashing in uniform 🙂