A note from me…


Thank you for all the comments and suggestions. I know I have sort of “abandon” this blog 🙂  New job and new environment  had keep me busy for way. It is now all finally settle! So, I’ll back to catch up with all the reviews…

Thank you again for dropping by and left a message (either in the comments’ box or private e-mails).

Look forward to the reviews soon!

The feeling of betrayal…

One’s feeling is something so mysterious and yet so real. One’s relationship with one another carried the same theory. While I am sitting in front of computer and think back  about what had happened these past weeks, nothing really come up but the feeling of betrayal…

Finally at this point of my life, I truly understand the saying of “You’ll only find your true friends in time of hardship. Those who stick with you when you still have usable value and/or at the peak of your life may not be your true friends.”  I learn it now and I learn it the hard way. That feeling of betrayal is much more than angers and disappointments. I really thought that I would kick and scream but for all the honest reasons, none of that came to me. I felt no angers or disappointments or resentments. But the one feeling that I dread most did surface at full force: betrayal.

It was at that point of you really don’t want anything else to do with the person now or for the rest of your life. Is that the true meaning of “forgiven but not forgotten”? Perhaps. Can relationship that has been build twenty some odd years be comparable with that of one and half years? Perhaps. That’s probably be one answer that it will take me years to figure out why.

Feeling is fragile but then so is relationship. You might have the ability to try to hold on to it for that long but at one point along the road it will break and that’s probably the worst, especially if you are that person who has invert personality. I like to compare one’s relationship with others to a rubber band. No one is perfect, thus I can try to hold and pull the rubber band for so long. But at point of life, too much disappointments and betrayals, and my rubber band will snap. Unfortunately, that’s will also mean the end of that relationship – regardless of the nature of that relationship…  Is it a bad thing? Maybe yes, maybe not at all…

新年快乐! Happy Chinese ‘Niu’ Year


For those who celebrate the Lunar New Year: Happy New Year!

May the Ox year bring lots of luck, and prosperity with the best of health for all of us!

祝大家 心想事成, 步步高升, 万事如意,年年有余,富星高照, 恭喜发财! 新年快 乐!

The New President of United States

It is official as in 12:00 pm EST today.  Barrack Obama IS now the President!

Nope, I didn’t go to D.C. for the inauguration ceremony. I am just one of the millions people who tuned in front of the television to see history in making. It really didn’t matter whether you are braving the cold at D.C. or warmed at home or even 1/2 globe away, you still can feel the enthusiasm for this new president and his family..

Well, congratulations, Mr. President! Hopefully everything will head to a better path under your presidency.

Life can be very stressful

Don’t even know where to start! You know, sometimes you plan one thing, you get something else. When you don’t plan, there it is in front of your door.

As a student, you worried if you can get good grade. After graduating, you scream “YAY!” and you rack your brain to find a job. Seriously don’t want anyone give you that you-are-graduated-but-not-working looks. Very stressful! Trust me on that! On the economy these days, don’t care if you actually hated the job, you are seriously lucky if you have a job now.

2009 doesn’t started very well for me. I got into accident first Monday of the year. That’s one way to start new year! All the stressful of dealing with repairs and insurances really get to me these past few days. Add to that a little bit of guilt I suppose. While I am not at fault in the accident, the car did need repair because of me and the car is not even mine. Add all that up then you will come up with a very stressful me.I want to vent but to whom, I want to scream out loud but at where…. My shoulder is suddenly feel so heavy. How I wish I was on different route that Monday morning. How I wish I followed my initial plan to leave house earlier. How I wish…… So many wishes….. but what had already happened can not be change……………..

Happy New Year 2009!

I’ve been so busy lately that I “ignored” my blog! 😛

I know that Asia had already past midnight but in Southern California, I still have 6 more hours to go before New Year. Nothing plan for tonight except tune in to TV for “drop of the ball” at Times Square in NYC.

Anyhow,  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009, everyone!!  Hopefully we will all have a better year in 2009.