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Happy New Year, everyone!

Wishing you and yours all the best wishes in 2013.

So, I am back reviewing series….. 🙂  (So, Alice stop your prestering! LOL! Just kidding, friend!)

Digging through my old folder and found some old drafts. So, first up after my hiatus is The Strategem from 2001 (link on the right panel).

I am going to work on others as well and hopefully this time around I’ll be able to update my blog more frequently!

Thanks for all the encouraging emails everyone! It is very much appreciated!



Hi all,

As you noticed, it’s been a while since I last reviewed any drama. No, it’s not because I lost interest in review and no, it’s not because I lost interest in Ch. 8 Drama.

In case some of you are unaware, XinMSN (formerly MobTV) has blocked all drama access for overseas account and they did it without warning (which frustrated me to no end!). I tried to get a response from XinMSN management one way or another and so far, I don’t have any luck. Obviously, I can’t review if I don’t get the chance to watch. So frustrating! especially when you grew up with Ch. 8 serials and so happen you need to move to other country for school/work!!!

Ok, enough of my whining! 🙂
So, will I keep this page? Absolutely! However, I doubt I’ll do any new review on new drama (unless I managed to watch it somehow and somewhere).

I am pulling out my old notes and will upload old drama reviews. If there’s particular drama that you like to get review (or summarize), let me know and if I have it, I’ll make it priority for uploading….

Thank you all for the e-mails and notes!!!! Each and every one of them is very important for me.

Star Awards 2010 (红星大奖 2010): THE RESULTS


The annual Star Awards is here again! Has it really been a year? Time flies. It is also been a while since I put something in this blog and thought I really need to start pay more attentions to this blog (considering that my daytime job is finally on a secured place).

Hopefully, this is a new “start” is my motivation to start writing again.

So, here’s the results for 2010 Star Awards.

* 2010 Best Drama

Together ( 当我们同在一起)

There isn’t a surprise in this category (well, at least for me). I know a lot of the buzz is for “The Housewives Holiday”, but I was rooting for “Together”.

* 2010 Best Actor

Chen Hanwei (陈汉伟)

In all honesty, just like last year, I was hoping for Tay Ping Hui to grab this award. His performance in “The Ultimatum” was brilliant.

But, with “auntie-look Ye Zhengkang” from Chen Hanwei, Tay Pinghui is really up with tough opponent.  With 4th win, Chen Hanwei will soon stand side by side in “Best Actor” record with Xie Shaoguang.

* 2010 Best Actress

Chen Liping ((陈莉萍)

She made it again! She is truly a dark horse in the catagory (since all the focuses were on Ann Kok and Jeannette Aw). Veteran rules! 🙂

* 2010 Best Supporting Actor

Zhu Hou Ren (朱厚任)

Well deserved award! He was brilliant  in “Reunion Dinner”. Adorable yet heartwarming character at the same time. Although, I agree that all nominees delivered their own briliant perfomances, none deserved this award more than Zhu Houren.

* 2010 Best Supporting Actresses

Constance Song (宋怡霏)

This year is truly a “veteran” year! No, she is not a famous star and no, she is your typical idol, but she always delivered a great perfomance for every characters ever thrown at her. Consider her tough opponents in this category, she was the dark horse, but she made it at the end! Another well deserved award.

* 2010 Top 10 Most Popular Actors (alphabetically)

1.  Bryan Wong (王禄江)

2.  Chen Han Wei (陈 汉玮)

3.  Dai Yang Tian (戴阳天) – 1st win

4. Dennis Chew (周崇庆) – 1st win

5.  Elvin Ng (黄俊 雄)

6.  Guo Liang (郭亮) – when was the last time he made it to the top 10?

7.  Qi Yuwu (戚玉武)

8. Tay Ping Hui (郑斌辉) – 9th win

9.  Zhang Yao Dong (张耀栋)

10. Zheng Ge Ping (郑各评)

With both Christopher Lee and Mark Lee ascend to the elite pedestal, 2 spots open up for grab. Again, like all previous years, this is one catagory that you really can’t predict. All 20 actors had equal chance until the very last minute. This year mark the 1st nomination and 1st win for newcomer Dai Yangtian. With smooth sailing, Tay Ping Hui will join the elite rank in 2012. Trailing close behind him is Chen Hanwei with 7th win this year.

* 2009 Top 10 Most Popular Actresses (again, alphabetically)

1.  Felicia Chin (陈靓瑄)

2.  Jeanette Aw (欧萱)

3.  Jessica Liu (刘芷绚)

4.  Joanne Peh (白薇秀)

5. Michelle Chia (谢韵仪)

6.  Quan Yi Fong (权怡凤)

7.  Rui En (瑞恩)

8.  Vivian Lai (赖怡 伶)

9.  Xiang Yun (向 云) – 10th win

10. Yvonne Lim (林湘萍)

The ladies list is the same as last year, except for Ivy Lee. She is replaced by Michelle Chia this year. Xiang Yun scored her 10th! Next year, she will be up at the pedestal for “All Time Favorites”

Interesting fact: it seems the ladies and the men are alternating the spotlight for “All Time Favorites”. ’09 was Huang Biren (& no male), ’10 is Mark and Christopher Lee (& no female), ’11 will be Xiang Yun (& none of the male will qualify), and if everything goes well, 2012 will be Tay Pinghui’s turn (& none of the female will qualify).

So, that will be all my comments. Again,  I am not too into other categories as some of them I am not even familiar with. I am not to go open that can of worm just yet…: D

For Best Theme Song (Drama) is Together《当我们同在一起》 – 《我们》 by  Kelvin Tan Wei Lian 陈伟联. It is my favorite so I am happy! 🙂

For complete list of the results, click here.

For all the winners, once again, CONGRATULATIONS! For all the rest, no worries. We will have next year!

A note from me…


Thank you for all the comments and suggestions. I know I have sort of “abandon” this blog 🙂  New job and new environment  had keep me busy for way. It is now all finally settle! So, I’ll back to catch up with all the reviews…

Thank you again for dropping by and left a message (either in the comments’ box or private e-mails).

Look forward to the reviews soon!

The Ultimatum (双子星) – Comments After 15 episodes

I’m so sorry everyone. I promised some reviews last week but I just can’t squeeze time to do it..

Seeing that the serial will end in 15 days, I decided  to just write a full review then.. Meanwhile, here’s some of my comments for the 1st half (if any of you interested in it =D )

* What?

The Ultimatum (双子星) – Mediacorp’s midyear blockbuster.

* Who?

Most of the big names @ Mediacorp Studios that you can think of. Li Nanxing (李南星), Zoe Tay (郑惠玉), Fann Wong (方文芳), Tay Ping Hui (郑斌辉), Terence Cao (曹国辉), and the list continue on… I’ll put up their characters as I go on with the structural reviews.

* When?

Start in 1974 and span through 2009.

* What is the main plot?

Interesting enough, I found the first three episodes quite dry, despite of all the big names. I suppose it’s necessary to set up the plot. Zhang Wenyu (Hong Huifang) worked for Ye Songnian (Chen Shucheng) as his secretary. A drunken Ye Songnian made a mistake of raping Wenyu even knowing she’s already pregnant with her husband’s child.

1974, both Wenyu and Songnian’s 2nd wife, Suzhen (Lin Meijiao) gave birth to daughters. Nurse’s carelessness and a twist of fate gave a classic storyline of “swap at birth” for “The Ultimatum”. After being raped by Songnian and the death of her father, Wenyu suffered from depression. When she realized that the nurse gave her the wrong baby (she recognize the birthmark at baby’s foot sole), she wanted to confront the nurse. It was then she saw that Songnian holding the baby. The bad memories came at her at full force and on the top of it, with her baby suffered from heart disease, Wenyu made of her mind to let the mistake continue.

Obviously, the main focus of the 30 episodes drama will be the life of the 2 daughters. The side focus is of course is the romance between the leads. So far in 15 episodes, we already see the budding romance between Songqiao – Sun Jie – Chaoqun; Yuchen – Zhang Feng (or is it A-da); Songqing – Sun Min….and that only half way through the serial.

* Worth watching?

With all those big names in Mediacorp, I’ll say definitely! Here’s some other reasons worth mentioning:

– The “Unbeatables” duo of Li Nanxing and Zoe Tay pairs up once again. The chemistry is still sparking at high rate.

– It has been 14 years since “The Golden Pillow” that Zoe Tay and Fann Wong graced the screen together in same drama (“The Hotel” didn’t count =P)

– A ‘comeback’ for Li Nanxing after his last drama “The Golden Path” almost 2 years ago.

– Tay Ping Hui, Li Nanxing, Zoe Tay, Fann Wong are all the main leads. What is the chance of that?!

Full reviews to follow after the series end in 15 days… =D

The Ultimatum (双子星)

Wee.. It has been a whole month since my last updates. Sorry, everyone! Found a new job and need time to adjust to new routine 🙂 Enough of personal stuff…….. and on to new Mediacorp mid-year blockbuster!

I’ve been waiting for “The Ultimatum” ever since Mediacorp announced its making. To have my favorite actor, Li Nanxing, as one of main casts, is the icing on the cake.  I’ll  try to add  up-to-episode review by this weekend. Technically, it will be up to episode 8 by end of the week. I actually already watch until ep. 11 (courtesy of MobTV Sneak Preview) but I will not spoilt the storyline to anybody. To be safe side, I will only review until ep. 8

Do look forward to it, everyone!