Hi all,

As you noticed, it’s been a while since I last reviewed any drama. No, it’s not because I lost interest in review and no, it’s not because I lost interest in Ch. 8 Drama.

In case some of you are unaware, XinMSN (formerly MobTV) has blocked all drama access for overseas account and they did it without warning (which frustrated me to no end!). I tried to get a response from XinMSN management one way or another and so far, I don’t have any luck. Obviously, I can’t review if I don’t get the chance to watch. So frustrating! especially when you grew up with Ch. 8 serials and so happen you need to move to other country for school/work!!!

Ok, enough of my whining! 🙂
So, will I keep this page? Absolutely! However, I doubt I’ll do any new review on new drama (unless I managed to watch it somehow and somewhere).

I am pulling out my old notes and will upload old drama reviews. If there’s particular drama that you like to get review (or summarize), let me know and if I have it, I’ll make it priority for uploading….

Thank you all for the e-mails and notes!!!! Each and every one of them is very important for me.


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