Star Awards 2009 (红星大奖 2009): THE RESULTS




The hot topic for the week is the winners for Star Awards 2009…. This is a little bit late I know but since I’m not physically in Singapore, I don’t have the chance to watch until today. You know, there is one thing that I have to mention, on Sunday, my post on “Star Awards 2009” hit a record breaking 504! To say that I was in for surprise would be the biggest understatement…My sincere “Thank you” for all who had stop by.

So enough about my blabbering, here are the results for this year Star Award and my brief comments.

* 2009 Best Drama

The Little Nyonya (小娘惹)




I was expecting this blockbuster would win the award. So, there isn’t a surprise for this winner.

* 2009 Best Actor

Chen Hanwei (陈汉伟)






As I said before, there is absolutely no room for doubt in his acting skills. He was wonderful in “By My Side”. However, to be completely honest, I was still hoping for Tay Ping Hui at the very last minute. He was equally good as “Huang Kaijie”.

* 2009 Best Actress

Joanne Peh (白薇秀)






Wow! This is surprising. I really thought Jeannette Aw would win the award. Alas, it was the “Dark Horse” that emerged as the winner. She WAS very good in the 2nd half of the series as “HuangYuzhu”.  Way to go, Joanne!

* 2009 Best Supporting Actor

Chow Chuming (周初明)






Yeah! He is the winner. My mind was split in this category early on. But I truly believe this is a very well deserving win for him. I can’t think of any other actor for “Huang Kaida”. On more personal note, it was sad to see how his illness started to catch up with him. I had goose bumps when he delivered his speech. I wish all the best for Chuming. Keep up the fight and when you get tired, looks behind you for you will always have your supporters right there with you.

* 2009 Best Supporting Actresses

Xiang Yun (向云) & Ng Hui (黄慧)






There were many surprises associated with Star Awards 2009, but this category had to be the most surprising category for the night. Never in 15 years of Star Awards’ history double awards were given at the same time in the acting category.  I guess even the judges can’t make up their mind between Xiang Yun and Ng Hui.

* 2009 Best Newcomer

Dai Yangtian (戴阳天)





Given his popularity, I am not a bit surprise. He was the hot prediction for this category.


* 2009 Top 10 Most Popular Actors (alphabetically)

1.  Bryan Wong (王禄江)

2.  Chen Han Wei (陈 汉玮)

3.  Christopher Lee (铭顺) – 10th win

4.  Elvin Ng (黄俊 )

5.  Henry Thia (程旭) – boy! I was in for so many surprises this year.

6.  Mark Lee (李国煌) – 10th win

7.  Pornsak

8.  Qi Yuwu (戚玉武)

9.  Tay Ping Hui (郑斌辉)

10. Zheng Ge Ping (郑各评) – 1st nomination in 21 years and 1st win! Wow!

This category always gave people some dose of heart attack. There wasn’t prediction whatsoever. All 20 actors had equal chance until the very last minute. Talk about heart attack! The “war” between Christopher Lee and Mark Lee is finally over! Both secured their 10th awards and will be sharing the stage next year for “All Time Favorite Awards”. Trailing close behind them is Tay Ping Hui with 8th win this year. Alright! Chen Hanwei is once again back on the list (6th win this year).


* 2009 Top 10 Most Popular Actresses (again, alphabetically)

1.  Felicia Chin (陈靓瑄)

2.  Ivy Lee (锦梅)

3.  Jeanette Aw (欧萱)

4.  Jessica Liu (刘芷)

5.  Joanne Peh (白薇秀)

6.  Quan Yi Fong (权怡凤)

7.  Rui En (瑞恩)

8.  Vivian Lai (赖怡 )

9.  Xiang Yun (向 )

10. Yvonne Lim (林湘萍) – surprise! Her last win was almost a decade ago.

The same applies for female category. It is also giving the same dose of heart attack as the male category. Huang Biren won her 10th in 2007 so she is this year “All Time Favorite”. However, none of the female will make it to next year “All Time Favorite”. Xiang Yun comes close with 9th win this year. With a smooth journey, she will join the elite league in 2011. The second one that comes close is Ivy Lee with her 7th win. The rest of them still have an average 5 years to catch up.


So, that will be all my comments. I am not too into other categories as some of them I am not even familiar with. I am not to go open that can of worm just yet…: D One worth mention though is the fact that Guo Liang wins “The Best Host”. It was long overdue. If you watched ‘Celebritea Break’, you’ll know why I said that. He is one of the best!

For complete list of the results, click here.

For all the winners, once again, CONGRATULATIONS! For all the rest, no worries. We will have next year! 


4 thoughts on “Star Awards 2009 (红星大奖 2009): THE RESULTS

  1. hi! congrats on your 500+ hits on your previous Star Awards post!

    yes, this year’s Star Awards were really full of surprises!

    thanks for your post, looks like you aren’t one of those who are upset about Joanne’s Best Actress win! (:


  2. thanks! =D

    nah… there’s no need to upset, I think. Although I was hoping for Chen Liping, I really think Joanne Peh had her own acting skills’ merits and strengths.

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