Life can be very stressful

Don’t even know where to start! You know, sometimes you plan one thing, you get something else. When you don’t plan, there it is in front of your door.

As a student, you worried if you can get good grade. After graduating, you scream “YAY!” and you rack your brain to find a job. Seriously don’t want anyone give you that you-are-graduated-but-not-working looks. Very stressful! Trust me on that! On the economy these days, don’t care if you actually hated the job, you are seriously lucky if you have a job now.

2009 doesn’t started very well for me. I got into accident first Monday of the year. That’s one way to start new year! All the stressful of dealing with repairs and insurances really get to me these past few days. Add to that a little bit of guilt I suppose. While I am not at fault in the accident, the car did need repair because of me and the car is not even mine. Add all that up then you will come up with a very stressful me.I want to vent but to whom, I want to scream out loud but at where…. My shoulder is suddenly feel so heavy. How I wish I was on different route that Monday morning. How I wish I followed my initial plan to leave house earlier. How I wish…… So many wishes….. but what had already happened can not be change……………..


One thought on “Life can be very stressful

  1. I hope the little tiny news I bear will cheer you up a little.

    Accidents happen. Let us focus on the most important thing that you weren’t hurt, HLim!

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