Singapore SBC/TCS/MediaCorp Reviews

It is already the 3rd day of 2009. How is everyone New Year Celebration? Pass that we will all be getting ready for the first Monday in 2009…. Hopefully things will go much smoother in the new year!

That aside, I really need to find more time to update my blog. Now that I finally graduate from my Masters degree (YAY!!), I hope  I can find more time to do so.

Since I am not currently watching any TVB serials, my reviews’ section will switch gear to Singapore drama reviews. For those who familiar with S’pore serial will understand why my post titled “SBC/TCS/Mediacorp”. For those who don’t, the short explanation is Singapore broadcasting company had change its name 3 times. Prior to 1994, it was SBC (Singapore Broadcasting Center). 1994 – 2001, it was TCS (Television Corporation of Singapore) and from 2001 to present day is MediaCorp. Thus, my reviews will span between these three era.

Generally speaking, my “root” of drama started with SBC’s production of “Good Morning, Sir!”, starring Chen Li Ping and Li Nanxing, back in late 80’s.From then on, S’pore productions had always been 1st priority compared to TVB or any other countries’ production. Even to this day, any MediaCorp productions will has my 1st attention before I move on to another drama, especially if the casts included my favorite actors and/or veteran actors/actress of the 90’s.

When it comes to reviews though, it is natural that I have more drama serials’ collections which I can write about. So for the next half of 2009, I will most probably write more MediaCorp’s reviews than TVB’s reviews. As on which S’pore reviews will I write, I really don’t have schedule planned. Alice had ask me for 1994’s “The Magnate” (casts: Li Nanxing, Ivy Lee, Chan Hanwei, and Cassandra See)…. Alice, I will try my best. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Singapore SBC/TCS/MediaCorp Reviews

  1. hello! i came across your blog when i was randomly surfing for TVB related blogs and the part on singapore dramas caught my eye! were you singaporean, because while i watch some of our local productions, i wouldn’t really go out and get dvds of them! that said if you do like Mediacorp’s shows, you might wanna try out a new one called the little nonya which just aired about a month or two ago. if you haven’t already 🙂

    • Hi Brenda,

      Thanks for stopping by! No, I am not Singaporean (I am a Chinese-Indonesian), but I did grew up watching Mediacorp productions. I think I’ve been watching for more than 15 years, back when the still known as SBC/TCS 🙂 I lived in US now. In any case, I do share your sentiments re: DVD. There are only 1 or 2 that I will like to preserve in DVDs. I finished “The Little Nyonya” last month and currently working on its review (and other TVB and Mediacorp’s reviews). Do stop by in the future if you have chance. Thanks again.

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